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From the 18th to the 28th of March, we will be raffling off 1 WEBSITE per day, for customers who register with just their e-mail, using the field below.

We will be communicating the name of the winners here on this page, in addition to communicating the winner's registered email.


Congratulations, you are running!



The website will be offered free of charge to the winner, with no future monthly or annual hosting charges.

After being contemplated and the website is delivered, we will not be contacting you offering products or services through the registered email. The e-mail will only be used if contemplated, to send the communication to the winner.

All information for website development must be sent by the winner, such as logo and content information. Logo development or texts are not included, they must be sent by the winner.

The website has the following settings:

Responsive, with up to 4 sections, banner with images or videos, map, location for contact information and social networks. We will first send an already developed model  to the winner, to check and get an idea of what his website will look like.

We do not develop websites with content that violates laws such as the sale of firearms, controlled-sale pharmaceutical products and other prohibited products on social networks and the internet.

All websites are already with Google SEO included, without additional costs, as well as Adsense.

We offer a redirection domain for your website, free of charge, if the customer wants a .com domain, he can purchase it on his own.

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